We are a small agile team of software engineers specialized in providing advanced trading, market making and brokerage software solutions for the financial industry. We can design and develop sophisticated and automated trading, risk and portfolio management systems for equities, derivatives and foreign exchange markets that cover a large variety of products.

Our Software Development Approach

We work closely with business stakeholders and expect them to provide frequent feedback on our efforts. Our continuous attention to technical excellence enables us to produce high quality software which meets the changing needs of its stakeholders.

Our highest priority is to satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery of valuable software. We quickly deliver a rudimentary system, then continue to deliver the system adding more advanced functionality.

Customers may choose to put these systems into production if they think they are functional enough. Customers are likely to alter the requirements once they see the system start to function, but we build plans that are flexible and ready to adapt to changes in the business and technology. We work hard to keep the structure of our software flexible, so that when requirements change, the impact to the system is minimal.

Languages We Speak

We can discuss your software requirements and support you in the following languages: English, German, Romanian and Hungarian. Please contact us if you speak at least one of these languages.

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